Panhandle Quality Hunts

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Pheasant Hunts:  Call 806-364-1855 or Email

   Don't worry about boom-and-bust pheasant cycles

or accumulating more blisters than birds. Our hunting is excellent season-long. Quality Hunts supplements the native pheasant population with hardy roosters released regularly before and during the season. You'll have steady shooting at native and released roosters that are hard to tell from wild birds. We also have shooting targets that look like birds to keep your skills sharp.
   The Texas Panhandle pheasant season runs 30 days, beginning the 1st Saturday in December. We recommend that you book early. We can accommodate corporate groups any time during the season. If you desire to hunt as a private group on opening weekend, we prefer a minimum party of 15.

Hunting License:

   $25 for Texas residents. A non-resident five-day special hunting license, legal for all gamebirds except turkeys, is $48.The Upland Gamebird Stamp is required and costs $7.

Bag, Possession Limits:

   Daily bag limit is three roosters per day, six in possession. Hens are not legal game. One foot must remain attached to your dressed birds. We strictly adhere to all state and federal game laws.

   Pheasant hunts are $300 per gun, per day. Morning coffee, donuts and soft drinks in the field are included.

Shotgun and Shells:
   12 or 20 gauge, modified choke and shot size 4 or 6 are recommended. You won't need "hot" magnum loads.

Hunting Attire:

   For safety, we require that you bring and wear a blaze orange vest or jacket. You will need cold weather clothing and you should dress in layers to peel off as you warm up. December weather can vary from very frigid to mild. Panhandle mornings are usually chilly, but temperatures often moderate by midday. Comfortable walking boots are a must.

Other Gear:

   You will need an ice chest to haul your birds. Be sure to bring game shears or a knife for bird cleaning.
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